GreenWood is an experienced designer and supplier of pole and cost effective timber-framed homes


Pole homes are NOT sheds, Sheds are NOT pole homes –

The Building code is very clear in that it defines a “shed” as a building to store items, and is not for people to sleep in.   A “shed” is categorised as Importance Level 1 which loosely states that in the event of catastrophic failure of the structure the consequence is minor  – normally damaged goods like hay or a tractor or a car.  A building in which people sleep, even if only temporarily is defined usually as an Importance Level 2 structure.   Importance Level 2 structures require increased strength and bracing so that they withstand external loads better than an IL1 building.   These IL2 buildings require extra and job-specific engineering and are regarded by councils and designers as homes, certainly not “sheds”.

General Process

a.       GreenWood normally takes responsibility for the external structure and its design.  Many of our clients want us to design, engineer and supply the external “envelope”  only and the client takes care of the internal design (heating, plumbing, internal partitions, lighting, insulation, wastewater and drainage, etc.) themselves.  But right through the process both parties are in regular contact for coordination.

b.      Clients often have their own architectural designer who designs within the GreenWood structure, and takes care of the internal fitout and overall Design Certificate.   Our design and engineer completes the structural design (normally consisting of the external walls, roof and concrete pad).

c.       Plans are developed with regular discussion with our client prior to final engineering and the internal design work.


a.       Normally with apply the most cost-effective option which is either poles with timber framing in between, or fewer if any poles with full timber framed walls.

b.      Walls are normally 140×45 framing