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Homes are NOT sheds, Sheds are NOT homes –

The Building code is very clear in that it defines a “shed” as a building to store items, and is not for people to sleep in.   A “shed” is categorised as Importance Level 1 which loosely states that in the event of catastrophic failure of the structure the consequence is minor  – normally damaged goods like hay or a tractor or a car.  A building in which people sleep, even if only temporarily is defined as an Importance Level 2 structure.   Importance Level 2 structures require increased strength and bracing so that they withstand external loads better than an IL1 building.   These IL2 buildings require extra and job-specific engineering and are regarded by councils and designers as homes, certainly not “sheds”.

General Process

a.       GreenWood normally takes responsibility for the external structure and its design.  Many of our clients want us to design, engineer and supply the external “envelope”  only and the client takes care of the internal design (heating, plumbing, internal partitions, lighting, insulation, wastewater and drainage, etc.) themselves.  But right through the process both parties are in regular contact for coordination.

b.      Clients sometimes have their own architectural designer who designs within the GreenWood structure, and takes care of the internal fitout and overall Design Certificate.   Our design and engineer completes the structural design (normally consisting of the external walls, roof and concrete pad).

c.       Plans are developed with regular discussion with our client prior to final engineering and the internal design work.


a.       Normally we apply the most cost-effective option which is either poles with timber framing in between or few, if any, poles with full timber framed walls.

b.      Walls are normally 140×45 framing

Aluminium Joinery

With our long-time business relationship with the Donovan Group we have access to attractive pricing for all aluminium joinery from NuLook franchises around NZ. Click on the link for details of the range available. We have standard sizes of most types of windows and doors and look to incorporate these into our quotes and designs where possible which helps to further keep your costs low.

Summary of Typical Engineering and Architectural costs and inclusions / exclusions:

  1. Normally Allowed for in quoted price:
    1. Design: Engineering of the structure including a standard concrete pad, architectural design and drafting of the building’s external envelope.    Project’s Design Certificate if GreenWood completing the full building design (including internal design work).  If Greenwood not completing the full design then your designer completing the internal design will  complete the Design Certificate.
    2. Materials:  timber for exterior walls and roof, all hardware for the structure, roof and wall cladding and flashings and hardware, delivery, aluminium joinery (if included), any other  items as specified above.
  2. Not Allowed for in quoted price (this may not be an exhaustive list):
    1. Design:     Architectural design work for the interior, Building Consent fees or compilation of building consent application (except our plans for the structure are included), any other engineering design work (including design reviews (if required by council), PS3 or PS4s, construction monitoring (if required).  If you prefer, GreenWood can complete the internal architectural design work as well.   The cost for this is normally $1500 – 1800 + gst, or $95 + gst per hour.   If you wish to use your own designer we require to work very closely with this person to ensure both designs are consistent with GreenWood’s quote and external              This will ensure we get all the design efficiencies we have allowed for you as well.  Any specialist designs (like Drainage, Ribraft floor, underfloor heating systems etc.), will be chargeable.  Building consent application and management of consent process – $350+  gst
    2. Materials:   any fitout / interior items other than any specifically listed in our quotes, concrete pad.   We can supply interior framing if required, at the following rates (assuming delivery is with main structure, and note prices are subject to change without notice)
      90×45 KD PG H1.2                 $3.45 + gst per metre
      140×45 KD PG H1.2               $5.19 + gst per metre

In summary we focus the building’s external envelope and the design of this and materials for this.  Our material’s list normally starts at the malthoid / DPC membrane under the bottom plate, and all items above this on the external envelope.  This includes window and doors.

If interested in learning more, please be in touch.   Send a sketch floor plan and 4 x elevations through and we can price this pretty quickly for you.





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