GreenWood Bridges

All GreenWood Bridges Are:

  • ENGINEERED & CERTIFIED – all Greenwood bridges are individually engineered
  • VERY ECONOMICAL – a very economical option for many waterway crossings
  • SIMPLE – one kitset, engineered to do the job!
  • EASY INSTALLATION – quick to install – no specialist heavy equipment needed
  • VERY LOW MAINTENANCE – virtually maintenance free – unlike some culverts
  • SAVE TIME – faster and cleaner crossings

Consents are required in various circumstances. Independent engineer’s Producer Statement issued with each bridge. GreenWood Bridges are for on-farm or on private property for private use. GreenWood’s engineered farm bridges are not designed for public roads or public use.

Kitset includes H5 bearers and bearer supports, H4 decking and running boards, kerbing or side fences, fixings, 2 durable bridge signs as required by law, plans/ drawings, Producer Statement.



Bridge prices from as low as $4274 + gst for a 3m clearspan (5.4m platform length) x 3m wide GreenWood engineered bridge kitset designed to carry 6000 kgs.  (prices subject to change, please call for details).



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All bridges will carry 6,000kg or 12,000kg


Photos are illustrative only. GreenWood reserves the right to modify / improve specifications over time.

Landowner’s responsibilities include

Banks to be firm (“good ground”), free from scouring and well vegetated. Bottom of bridge to be above the high water / flood water level by at least 400mm or high enough so that in the event of flooding debri does not disturb the bridge. To assist the construction good access to both sides of waterway is a big help too!